Nose Job Surgery for Men

Nose Job Surgery for Men

31 December 2019 Articles

Rhinoplasty Surgery, or nose reshaping surgery, are some of the most frequently requested facial surgeries, especially among men.  “I have always hated my nose, my profile. It never matched the rest of my face and it gets too much attention,” is a common complaint from men who aren’t fond of their noses.  Its why male nose jobs are one of the more popular cosmetic procedures that men undertake to improve their appearance (the other top male plastic surgery choices seem to be liposuction, tummy tuck/abdominoplasty, and male breast reduction along with facelifts or anti wrinkle injections).  Why is having nose surgery so popular? The fact is, our noses are often our MOST recognisable or distinguishable of all of our facial features, usually second to the eyes and before the smile.

 We are instantly recognisable by our noses because they are centrally located on the face, impacting all surrounding features – AND they protrude and so define our entire side profile along with our brow and chins and jaws.  Our other facial features lie flatter in comparison to the structures of the nose.  So getting a nose job is sometimes considered by men who want to improve their overall facial appearance, their faical symmetry or simply get a straighter, smaller, more balanced or attractive nose. Other times men need to correct nose damage or a deviated septum, sometimes related to sporting injuries, vehicle mishaps or other traumas to the nose region of their faces.

Male nose reshaping plastic surgery

Noses LEAD the way in defining your overall facial balance and a Nose Job (Rhinoplasty Surgery) can make a difference in your profile and overall facial appearance.

  • Your nose shape and size impacts your overall facial balance.

  • Noses either enhance or detract from other features.

  • Noses are often one of the more popular “I would change if I could” facial features when people are polled about what they would consider changing about their face, if they could.

If you haven’t had nose surgery but your nose isn’t the focus of unwanted attention, its usually because your face has good balance. And that includes your nose.

Rhinoplasty is a common surgery, and is done either as a corrective or restorative procedure after an accident or injury, or for aesthetic (appearance) reasons.  Plastic Surgeons can help people restore the nose look they used to have (called a corrective or restoration focused nose shaping surgery) or they can enhance the appearance of the nose (as well as other parts of the face, body or chest area).

Why Rhinoplasty “Nose Job” Surgery is a frequently requested Face Surgery

Noses are usually not a neutral aspect in relation to the appearance of the face – particularly for men.

If they aren’t the focus of attention, that usually means your nose is already a good fit for your face.

If you’re constantly receiving unwanted comments about any part of your nose – size, shape, hump or bump or crookedness – or the fact it was broken once or twice – a nose job will potentially help reduce these once you heal from surgery and gain a more balanced overall facial appearance.