wearing glasses after rhinoplasty

22 May 2021 Articles
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wearing glasses after rhinoplasty

A common question from perspective rhinoplasty patients is about wearing glasses after rhinoplasty. The quick answer is that most patients should not wear glasses until cleared to do so by their surgeon. Patients may have to wait 1-2 weeks following surgery before they can wear glasses. However, some surgeons restrict patients from wearing glasses for longer periods following their procedure.

There are two reasons for this restriction: patient comfort and proper healing.


wearing glasses after rhinoplasty

wearing glasses after rhinoplasty


Patient comfort after rhinoplasty

Immediately following a rhinoplasty every patient experiences moderate pain and swelling of their nose. The act of wearing eyeglasses may put weight and pressure on the bridge of the nose, causing additional pain and discomfort.

Patient healing

It’s critical for patients to protect their nose following rhinoplasty. Even though glasses are light, surgeons worry that wearing them too early post-surgery. Because it may negatively alter the underlying nasal structure which is somewhat unstable early on. Surgeons worry that the nose can develop unwanted indentations or bumps that will negatively alter the final result.

In terms of recovery, it’s also important to note that all patients will have some form of casting over their nose for a week or two post-procedure. This often hinders the fit of glasses, making them difficult to wear.


After surgeon remover the cast one week after surgery, you can wear glasses immediately, as long as they do not cause pain or soreness.

The weight of today’s lightweight lenses and frames make concerns that they will shift the nose irrelevant. The nose is structurally stable after most rhinoplasty. The cuts in the bones that glasses might destabilize are lower than where glasses sit. It’s true that glasses that fit before rhinoplasty may not fit after, but in most cases they cannot harm a result.

Additional recommendations include:

  1. If glasses cause soreness when wearing them, then take them off for a while.
  2. The weight of the glasses can be reduced by taping the glasses up to the forehead if they create soreness.
  3. Glasses should not be worn in the first 6 weeks after surgery if engaging in activities where the glasses might be hit. Since contact sports are avoided for 2 months, this is relatively unlikely.
  4. You should not wear masks that compress the face, like SCUBA or snorkeling masks, for 2 months.