Diet after rhinoplasty,What should i eat after nose job
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Diet after rhinoplasty,What should i eat after nose job

30 May 2020 Articles
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Diet after rhinoplasty,What should i eat after nose job

Your body is amazing. It has extraordinary self-healing properties that you can activate by simply fuelling it correctly. After rhinoplasty, for example, the right diet can help your body heal more quickly and you can reduce the risk of complications. “It’s not about eating macrobiotics or going vegan,” says Dr Mohammadimofrad. “Just a few modest changes can make all the we will taking about the diet after  rhinoplasty nosejob

Diet after rhinoplasty,What should i eat after nose job

Diet after rhinoplasty,What should i eat after nose job

Feed Your Appetite…Carefully

Sometime after surgery, often as soon as the effects of the anaesthesia wear off, most patients have an appetite. This is to be expected, as fasting prior to surgery is a must. “In my experience, patients do best tolerating soft, bland foods,” says Dr Mohammadimofrad. “Your body will let you know when you’re ready for more.”

Easy, comforting foods include:

  • Clear broth (if you are hungry, but also nauseated)
  • Yogurt
  • Oatmeal

Don’t Ignore Your Digestion

“Constipation is common after surgery,. It’s caused by a combination of things connected to rhinoplasty:

  • Medications
  • Limited diet
  • Lack of exercise

You can give your colon a hand by making sure you’re getting enough fibre. “Oatmeal is comforting and its loaded with fibre. “Well-cooked vegetables such as carrots are another good choice and they can amp up the nutrition in your soup.”

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Some Like It Hot, But Not You

Extreme temperatures can trigger extreme discomfort. The last thing you want to do while you’re healing from your nose surgery is burn your mouth on hot soup. Cold can be just as bad. An ice cream headache compounded by the discomfort of a healing nose is something you want to avoid.

Chewy Gooey

Your mouth and jaw aren’t the only parts of your body involved in chewing tough, gooey food. Your nose moves a bit with every bite. Normally this would not be a problem. When you’ve just had surgery, however,you want to keep your nose as still as possible to reduce the possibility of complications.

Don’t worry. The “No Gooey, No Chewy” rule isn’t forever. In fact, you can eat most foods within a week or two of surgery. “Just stay away from caramel, gum, or a hearty steak until you get a green light from your surgeon.

Take a Break from Alcohol & Caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine are enemies of a good surgical outcome and should be avoided both before and after rhinoplasty. “Alcohol is a blood thinner,It can put you at increased risk for bleeding after surgery.” Alcohol also opens you up to the risk of swelling and hematoma.

Caffeine also affects blood, sometimes increasing blood pressure to an unsafe degree.

Home Cooking to Avoid Salt

When you’re on the mend from surgery, pre-prepared foods may seem like an easy way to get the nutrition you need. They are, but here’s the problem: prepared foods often contain massive amounts of salt. “Sodium intake leads to water retention, which can contribute to swelling,”  If you prepare food at home, you can control the amount of salt you’re getting.Its so important to know about diet after rhinoplasty nose job

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What Do YOU Need?

Assessing your dietary needs and resolving your post-surgical eating issues are just part of what Dr Mohammadimofrad and our team do to ensure that our patients have a great recovery. If you’re looking for dedicated medical professionals to provide you with great care before, during, and after a nose job, we invite you to contact us today for a short-date consultation.