nasal massage,nose massage after rhinoplasty

31 May 2020 Articles
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nasal massage,Nose Massaging After Rhinoplasty


nasal massage,nose massage after rhinoplasty

nasal massage,nose massage after rhinoplasty


Different doctors may have different applications about nose massage after rhinoplasty. I tell them they can use sickness, baby oil, pure olive oil, cottonseed oil or Arnica Gel when they have a nasal massage. I would like to suggest that the first week of sprains and nasal bandages is a massage with symmetrical impression of nasal massages, and after the second week there is a more massive pressure on the region with more sweat. I did not want to publish massage videos and massage techniques here; it would be more accurate to massage in the way I would like you this article we just talk about nasal massage,nose massage after rhinoplasty.

Do not heat your nose while massaging!

When massaging the nose in general, you can use natural grease or anti-edema gels. You can store these products on the door of the refrigerator. When massage, increase the temperature and redness of the massage, end the massage. If you heat your nose regularly, you can cause an increase in nasal edema!

After massage, you can clean your nose skin with makeup cleansing cotton and ocean water spray!

After a nasal massage, you can gently clean the gel or oil layer on the nose skin by squeezing the ocean water spray onto the makeup cleansing cotton. It is more convenient for patients with fatty skin to not leave a long fat layer on their nose skin.

, there is a simple symmetrical nose massage “up – down”, “front – back” massage. There are also symmetrical massages suggested to make the tip of the nose look more curved and the nose look thinner. For nasal massage, you can apply massages that your doctor recommends for you. In some patients, asymmetric nasal massage may be required. During nasal massage, it is best if you protect your nose tip with the index finger of your other hand.