Iran the best and cheapest destination for rhinoplasty cosmetic procedures
rhinoplasty in Iran

Iran the best and cheapest destination for rhinoplasty cosmetic procedures

13 June 2020 Articles

 Iran , the best and cheapest destination for rhinoplasty and cosmetic procedures

Accordant with the statement of a member of the Iran Plastic surgeons society, maxillofacial surgeries, injections, lift surgeries, and Liposuction is the leading cosmetic procedures in Iran.

Rhinoplasty is being performed the most among cosmetic surgeries in Iran; however, explicit statics are only provided by the Iran ministry of health.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), breast augmentation /breast prosthesis, Liposuction, Botox, filler, and gel injections are the second popular invasive and non-invasive surgeries among Iranians.



rhinoplasty cost in Iran

The rhinoplasty cost in Iran is 70% less than the United States and 40% less than in European countries and Australia. Besides, Iran is known as the lowest-cost country for Rhinoplasty in Asia by the International Society of Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

 Dr.mohammadimofrad clinic team sends your file and nose pictures to the doctor; then they notify you about the surgery cost and the duration of your stay in Iran. The clinic enables services relevant to obtain a treatment visa, hotel reservation, first visit of the doctor,

and all airport and city transfers; all provided in a proprietorial way. Post-surgery services such as consultation with the doctor and connection with the medical team are provided as well.

 As mentioned, rhinoplasty cost in Iran is very low and if you have decided to request this surgery in Iran, besides getting before and after surgery pictures, make sure about the doctor’s experience and degree of education.

ISNA cited in a recent article: “If you have chosen Iran as your destination for rhinoplasty, you need to know that you’re traveling to the world’s capital of rhinoplasty.”

 rhinoplasty in Iran

rhinoplastyin Iran

 Iran best  cheapest destination rhinoplasty cosmetic

rhinoplasty in Iran

why iran?

Iran is one of the first ten countries which started performing cosmetic surgeries. More than 700,000 cosmetic surgeries are being performed in Iran annually; 150,000 of these surgeries are rhinoplasty procedures.

you can see before and after surgery pictures and rhinoplasty cost of each doctor.

Nose surgery in Iran has a long record in a way that the country is popular as the rhinoplasty capital of the world.

You can see the rhinoplasty before and after pictures then you will understand why the rhinoplasty surgery rate in Iran is seven times more than the United States on average.

The surgery rate of the Iranian doctors is more than the global average as well; therefore, Iranian surgeons became more skilled and expert due to the number of procedures they performed. Iran has the highest satisfaction rate of nose surgery among all countries.