16 June 2020 Articles
زمان مطالعه : 2 دقیقه


It’s normal to feel a kind of emotional rush just before having rhinoplasty.

The result of months of planning, consultation, waiting, and finally undergoing the procedure can feel like the long climb up the hill of a roller coaster at times.

Once the procedure is over and the recovery period kicks in, however, some people may become mildly depressed. Whether it’s the after-effect of the anesthesia, the pain, swelling, or bruising and home confinement, the emotional high is gone and it’s back to reality.

It’s also normal to fall into a kind of post-operative funk where the feelings of anticipation and exhilaration before nose surgery are replaced by second-guessing and thoughts of “did I do the right thing having the procedure done?”





why people feel bad after rhinoplasty

Some people may become depressed by the pain and discomfort associated with recovery. Others might feel down at the often distressing sight of recuperative bruising and swelling which is to be expected after having a nose job.

It’s also disconcerting having to stay indoors for days at a time while the body recovers.

or having to readjust and refine one’s normal sleep positions to ensure optimum healing. Then there are those patients who are more prone to mild depression and anxiety, and having cosmetic surgery may only exacerbate their feelings.

It’s good to know that in most cases.

the results of rhinoplasty are positive and all that emotional build-up did not go to waste. Most patients feel just as elated when the bandages come off and the results are just what they were looking for and the reason why they chose to have the procedure done in the first place. Doctors are aware of the post-operative blues,

which is why you should always communicate your fears

and expectations and even your own personal emotional makeup to your qualified plastic surgeon during the initial consultation.

a revision rhinoplasty will be performed just in case something went wrong. It’s the best way to keep that emotional roller coaster on track.