Wearing contact lenses and Glasses after rhinoplasty

Wearing contact lenses and Glasses after rhinoplasty

19 September 2021 Articles
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Wearing contact lenses and Glasses after rhinoplasty


Wearing contact lenses Glasses after rhinoplasty

Wearing contact lenses Glasses after rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty can be a positive, life-changing surgery, but it also requires patients to change their lives slightly for a while after the surgery. Recovery takes a few weeks, and it’s important to make sure that the nose is allowed to heal undisturbed during this time. Any jostling, pressure, or other movements can change the final results or delay healing.here we will discuss around  Wearing contact lenses and Glasses after rhinoplasty

.For patients who wear glasses, this can mean making some adjustments during recovery. Wearing glasses after rhinoplasty on the bridge of your nose is a no-no, but you can’t be expected to walk around blind after surgery. So what can you do to make sure you can see? Here are some of your eyewear options during rhinoplasty recovery.



If you’re used to wearing glasses, then they probably don’t feel heavy to you at all. You’re used to the slight weight pressing down on the bridge of your nose. However, that pressure can make a big difference after surgery. Many people who undergo cosmetic nose surgery have to have bones in the nose broken in order to straighten them. The nose has to be kept in a certain position as the bones and tissues heal. Pressure from the glasses can cause tiny shifts and depressions in the cartilage that can compromise the final results. Since the results of rhinoplasty are permanent, it’s worth taking extra precautions to make sure everything heals properly.


Immediately after the surgery, you may actually be able to wear your glasses as normal. Patients wear a splint for about a week after surgery to protect the nose and set the bones. This also protects the nose from the weight of glasses. Once the splint comes off, though, the healing process is far from over and wearing glasses gets trickier. Once the splint is gone, there’s nothing to keep the weight of the glasses from disturbing the healing nose.

Many people have difficulty fully understanding how long it takes for the nose to get back to normal after surgery. Swelling can be present for up to a year (or even more) after surgery. Most of it has resolved by the six-month mark, however. The cartilage, bone, and skin of the nose may look much better after a few weeks, but small changes will continue to occur for many months. Patients are usually back at work in a week or two, but the recovery process is far from over at that point.

Different surgeons have their own recommendations for how long patients should modify their eyewear after surgery. Typically, they’ll suggest waiting at least two months, and as long as six months in some cases. In the meantime, patients have some options for eyewear solutions.


Wearing glasses after rhinoplasty can be tricky. While it’s often easier to just switch to contact lenses until the nose is healed, not everyone can choose this option. Fortunately, there are some functional (but not always fashionable) ways to wear traditional glasses after surgery.

Since glasses usually rest on the bridge of the nose, most of the eyewear options for post-rhinoplasty patients involve shifting the weight elsewhere on the face. Some patients choose to get bridgeless glasses. Others opt to use a device that clips directly to the glasses and allows them to rest on the cheeks. All of these options take some getting used to, but they are manageable. Most patients find a few months of inconvenience well worth the beautiful results of rhinoplasty in the end.


Your consultation is the perfect opportunity to discuss your options for wearing glasses after rhinoplasty. You’ll be able to find out if you’re a good candidate, address your concerns, and find out what you can do to help ensure that your procedure is a success.

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