Earlobe reduction

1 September 2021 Articles
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Earlobe reduction

If the earlobe is too big and saggy, an incision can be made in its lower edge and then sewn back together to change the shape. This can be done during the rest of your Facial Feminization Surgery.in this article we will discuss  around earlobe reduction.


  • This procedure can easily be done in local anesthesia. When done in combination with other procedures, which is usual in our clinic, it will be done in general anesthesia.
  • The design of the excision is made on the ear using blue ink.
Earlobe reduction

Earlobe reduction

  • The local anesthetic is administered;
  • The excision is done after which the wound is closed in layers.
  • No bandage is needed. If non-absorbable sutures were used they have to be removed after 6 days.y.
  • The surgical reconstruction, which can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, is done under local anesthesia. Once the patient is numbed, “the inner lining of the elongated earlobe hole is removed surgically, and the edges are put back together with stitches,” Dr. Mohammadimofrad explains. “The placement and design of the suturing will make the length of the earlobe shorter.”

    During this time, the surgeon must tap into his or her design skills to re-shape the lobe, “Essentially, for you to ‘close a hole,’ you have to refresh the edges of skin so that they stick back together again. “If the earlobe has been significantly stretched, the surgeon has to be a little creative in order to devise a way to stick the cut edges back together, so that it looks like a normal earlobe.”

    About a week after the procedure, the stitches are removed from the lobes, which may be bumpy in texture with slight bruising and redness, but that’s normal. “In terms of pain, it’s very minimal. Your earlobes will be a little sore, but no pain medication is needed, usually not even an over the counter acetaminophen, like Tylenol.”