best Male Rhinoplasty Surgeon

best Male Rhinoplasty Surgeon

21 July 2021 Articles

 best Male Rhinoplasty Surgeon

At Drmofrad Plastic Surgery, Dr.Mohammadimofrad specializes in rhinoplasty for men – what some people call a male nose job. Like our glamorous neighbors we offer our rhinoplasty patients elegance, sophistication, and superb service. Men have many reasons for seeking a rhinoplasty or “nose job.” Men seek rhinoplasty for different range of reasons such as removing a bump on the nose, narrowing the nose, elevating a drooping tip, doing other refinements to the nose’s shape, or opening the breathing passages. It is important to communicate your needs in detail during your consultation so Dr.Mohammadimofrad can customize your rhinoplasty procedure to your individual needs.


best Male Rhinoplasty Surgeon

best Male Rhinoplasty Surgeon


Male Rhinoplasty Balances Facial Features

Most plastic surgeons agree that rhinoplasty is among the most challenging of all cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Not only is there a very delicate internal structure that must be protected, the nose is the most prominent feature of the face. There is no hiding a nose job that is disappointing.

As a double board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Mohammadimofrad has performed thousands of facial procedures, including hundreds of both cosmetic and revision rhinoplasty surgeries. He understands the subtle differences in male rhinoplasty procedures, successfully creating a masculine nose that is in balance with the rest of the features.

Correcting Functional Defects During Male Rhinoplasty

It is often the case that men seeking rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons have also experienced some trauma to the nose through sports activities or work related accidents. In fact, many of Dr. Mohammadimofrad’s male patients do not realize they have a breathing obstruction having learned to compensate in their daily activities.

Dr.Mohammadimofrad addresses these functional problems in his overall surgical plan. His patients not only enjoy the cosmetic benefit, but can now breathe more freely improving sleep and quality of life. For some who have been restricted on physical activity, they can now enjoy sports or working out without constantly struggling for breath.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

The technical procedure for male rhinoplasty is no different than for any other specialty such as ethnic rhinoplasty or female rhinoplasty. The difference is in how well the surgeon can correct facial imbalances in a man while preserving the male character of his appearance.

Dr.Mohammadimofrad prefers to use an open-tip technique that involves a small incision through the columella – the vertical column of tissue that divides the nostrils. This incision is virtually undetectable once it has healed since it is on the underside of the nose.

The open-tip method has the advantage of allowing increased visibility and full access to the internal nasal structure. With the closed method, each side of the nose is worked on separately, which is sufficient for certain procedures. With the open-tip method there is more control for the surgeon both in making very precise millimeter sized adjustments, and in placing stabilizing sutures in the cartilage.


Dr.Mohammadimofrad uses a general anesthetic for the majority of his rhinoplasty patients. For some patients who require minor changes, local anesthesia may be used.

During general surgery, his board certified anesthesiologist ensures the patient remains comfortable and safe during the procedure, allowing him to concentrate on rhinoplasty. Los Angeles provides many types of day surgical centers. Dr. Simoni uses an AAAASF certified facility that is acknowledged to be the gold standard in accreditation of surgical centers. Patient safety and comfort is Dr. Simoni’s primary concern.


After surgery, patients will be monitored in the recovery suite and once the immediate effects of anesthesia have worn off, will be able to be driven home to complete their recovery. Patients must be driven home after receiving anesthesia and also have an adult remain with them for the first 24 hours to ensure safety and to provide support.

Every patient’s recovery will be different and Dr.Mohammadimofrad will provide comprehensive postoperative instructions for each type of male rhinoplasty surgery he does. The following is a general guide that can be used for planning purposes.

Patients may have a splint or cast placed to stabilize the exterior as well as internal silicone splints. A gauze pad will be secured under the nose to collect fluid and blood that will drain for a few days. The pad can be removed and replaced as needed.

At the first post operative visit Dr. Simoni will remove the cast and splints and will remove any non-dissolving stitches. Patients will be feeling much better and recovery will be more comfortable after this visit.

Bathing Eating and Sleeping

It is OK to shower or to take a bath as long as the cast and dressings are kept dry.

Patients will feel tired for a few days so should ensure they get as much sleep as possible. It is important to maintain a semi prone position when sleeping. Using a few pillows under the shoulders should provide enough elevation.

Patients are advised to eat a soft diet to avoid hard or prolonged chewing for the first few weeks. Also, avoid chewing gum for the same period.


best Male Rhinoplasty Surgeon



Swelling, Bruising and Pain

Pain from rhinoplasty is usually minimal to moderate. The medication that has been prescribed will take care of any pain. Be sure to finish any antibiotic prescription.

The biggest challenge that patients face is dealing with swelling which will increase up to about day 4 post operation and then begin to subside. If there were any controlled fractures, the area under the eyes will likely be bruised. Using cold compresses will help minimize swelling and bruising. Keeping the head elevated will also help decrease swelling.

There will be congestion from internal swelling which will subside towards the end of the first week. Swelling and bruising will start to markedly diminish between 7 to 10 days post op to the point that most patients feel confident going out in public to run errands. For male rhinoplasty patients, any slight bruising can be easily covered with bronzer or makeup.

Black Tie Ready

Improvement will continue so that patients with important events can be ready by the 4th week. That doesn’t mean healing is completed by then, but about 75% of the result will be visible by then with the remaining 25% occurring over the next few months. This is a very subtle process that is not noticeable to most people.

Men are no different than women in their reasons for seeking a rhinoplasty procedure. They want to bring their nose into balance with the rest of their features, through subtle changes that are not obviously the result of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Simoni has many celebrity clients, both male and female. Male rhinoplasty requires more finesse to ensure that the changes made enhance the masculine essence of the patient.

Seeking a Male Rhinoplasty Specialist

Dr.Mohammadimofrad has been honored as one of the top 5 rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran. Not only is he acclaimed for his aesthetic results, he is credited with many innovations in facial plastic surgery particularly in performing minimally invasive facial techniques.

Finding the right rhinoplasty surgeon is a process. Dr.Mohammadimofrad spends considerable time with his patients in order to assist them in their decision making process. Contact his office today for a consultation. It is the first step in the process of presenting your best self to all of your connections


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