Asian Rhinoplasty,Selecting an Asian Rhinoplasty Surgeon
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Asian Rhinoplasty,Selecting an Asian Rhinoplasty Surgeon

18 July 2020 Articles

Asian Rhinoplasty ,Selecting an Asian Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Nose reshaping, rhinoplasty, a nose job… whatever it is called, the goal of this procedure is to create a nose that fits the patient’s face. Asians have ethnic characteristics that are obviously different from Caucasians, African Americans and people from the Middle East. Nose reshaping for Asians should result in a naturally beautiful nose that balances and enhances the appearance without erasing their Asian characteristics.

Rhinoplasty is considered to be among the most difficult plastic surgery procedures. Asian rhinoplasty requires a very high level of skill because the surgeon must increase rather than decrease areas of the nose. Dr. Mohammadimofrad is a double board certified plastic surgeon. He has advanced training in facial reconstruction as well as in the specific field of Otolaryngology – head and neck surgery. Asian rhinoplasty patients can be confident that Dr.Mohammadimofrad has the experience and skill necessary to create natural and ethnically sensitive rhinoplasty.

Asian Rhinoplasty,Selecting an Asian Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Asian Rhinoplasty,Selecting an Asian Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Why is Asian Rhinoplasty More Difficult?

The Asian rhinoplasty is quite specific. Asian noses have fewer growth centers in the mid face than Caucasians. This explains the specific relation of the nose to upper lip. The nose usually sits shallow into the face. Another common feature is the Columella (the hanging portion of the underside of the nose) is not visible because it hides inside the nose. Another common finding in the patients of the Asian descent is the wide nostrils (alar flaring). Some Asian noses require raising the bridge of the nose to Caucasians who usually need hump reduction. Because of these unique characteristics of Asian nose, Asian Rhinoplasty procedures should be designed to modify and improve the aesthetics of the nose. A good rhinoplasty surgeon understands the difference in the anatomy and morphology of the Asian and Caucasian nose and plan the procedure accordingly. However it is important not to destroy the fundamental ethnic characteristic of the nose.

The Problem With Eyeglasses

Because Asians have very low height in the bridge of the nose, eyeglasses have little to hold them in place. The result is that eyeglasses seldom fit properly which can be very distracting. Normally eyeglasses rest at the top end of the nose where the height of the dorsum provides a shelf which holds them in place.

An Asian rhinoplasty procedure creates a higher nasal bridge using the patient’s cartilage or an implant. Creating a higher nasal bridge allows eyeglasses to fit properly, eliminating the annoyance of constantly having to adjust them. Dr. Mohammadimofrad routinely corrects this problem to the great relief of his patients who must wear eyeglasses.

The Asian Rhinoplasty Procedure

Asian rhinoplasty patients often wish to have narrower elongated noses with greater projection at the tip. The goal of the Asian rhinoplasty should be building a natural-appearing nose that is in balance with the face. The bridge of the nose is raised and narrowed. At the same time the width of the nose may need to be narrowed. In other words, Asians usually require augmentation rhinoplasty, in contrast to Caucasians who usually require reduction. Surgery to narrow the width of the nostrils is also frequently requested by Asian patients. A successful Asian rhinoplasty should protect the patient’s ethnic identity. The goal should be an attractive Asian nose rather than an attractive Caucasian nose on an Asian face.

For traditional rhinoplasty visit our Rhinoplasty page for more information.

Non-Surgical Asian Rhinoplasty

There are some patients who are good candidates for a procedure that does not require an operating room visit. As a distinguished rhinoplasty specialist, Dr.Mohammadimofrad can assess each patient to see if this procedure will correct the issues that are troublesome.

A non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure uses an injectable filler to create volume, fill in dips and smooth the overall appearance of the nose. Asian rhinoplasty surgery often uses grafting or implants to create a higher or more prominent bridge. By using permanent injectable fillers, it is possible to create the added structure that Asian rhinoplasty patients need to create the balance that is the foundation of all well done rhinoplasty.

Non surgical rhinoplasty is not a solution for patients who need reduction in the width of the nostrils for example. Best results of non-surgical rhinoplasty for Asian patients would be seen on patients who have depressions on the outside of the nose, who need to create a higher bridge and who have other deficiencies that are causing the nose to appear crooked or misshapen.

Asian rhinoplasty patients can often benefit from non-surgical rhinoplasty due to the fact they need augmentation in certain areas, not reduction.


Asian Rhinoplasty,Selecting an Asian Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Asian Rhinoplasty,Selecting an Asian Rhinoplasty Surgeon


Asian Rhinoplasty Revisions

Injectable fillers are now being used more frequently for revision rhinoplasty. Patients who are not happy with the results of a primary rhinoplasty can sometimes be helped through expertly placed fillers. Asian rhinoplasty patients who are not completely satisfied with their original surgery can see Dr.Mohammadimofrad for an evaluation to determine their best options.

Selecting an Asian Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Asian rhinoplasty requires not only a high level of surgical skill; this procedure requires a keen artistic eye as well. Working on a three dimensional structure is difficult at best. The challenge of preserving ethnic characteristics naturally requires a high ability to know how to achieve the patient’s goals without erasing their heritage.

Dr. Mohammadimofrad cautions anyone considering rhinoplasty to only seek out board certified plastic surgeons that perform many rhinoplasty surgeries each year, not just one or two per month. Rhinoplasty is a very challenging surgery and he sees the problems that arise when it is done by those who lack the specialized understanding needed to create an aesthetic nose which looks right for the person who has to ‘wear’ it.

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