Nose surgery with natural shape

Nose surgery with natural shape

2 August 2021 Articles

Nose surgery with natural shape

Nose surgery with natural shape, like you not surgery before, really?? Nowadays when we talk about plastic and cosmetic surgery we will talk of nose surgery or rhinoplasty augmentation because nose is the make organ of you face can make difference of face before and after surgery

When we ask you about the shape of nose, that sure you will want natural shape and beautiful tip of nose.

 Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty

Today we will tell you about technique of nose surgery for make your nose look more natural and have high bridge of nose dorsal. Before you did surgery you need to consult and have physical examination with surgeon first. Then surgeon will be explain about step and best choice of procedure to surgery for you. For techniques of nose surgery have 2 techniques  Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty For closed

rhinoplasty we have 2 types use silicone or use your fascia graft.

Nose surgery with natural shape

If you have definitely of the nose surgery result for make natural shape and you have high bridge of nose before but you want a little bit change of you nose. Surgeon will recommend you to do nose surgery with your fascia.

Nose surgery with natural shape

Nose surgery with natural shape

For rhinoplasty augmentation with closed technique ; plastic surgeon will shape the silicone and some case will put the ear cartilage to cover tip of nose for best result and long term result.

rhinoplasty augmentation with closed technique



And for nose augmentation with fascia will make high dorsal of nose for natural but your tip will be same.

For rhinoplasty augmentation with open technique, this technique will make new and big difference of your new nose. Suitable for who want prefect shape and more safety.

nasal bone

But before surgery we recommend you to find detail all of procedure and surgeon and talk with doctor before for your and safety.


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