fat transplantation or fat transfer
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fat transplantation or fat transfer

7 August 2020 Articles

fat transplantation or fat transfer

 One of the most common signs of aging is a decrease in facial fat with fat injection or lipofiling.

During the natural aging process, collagen and elastin in the face begin to break down and shrink.

These changes along with the reduction of facial fat can cause the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cavities on your face.

Over time, the removal of subcutaneous fat causes lines, wrinkles, and cavities in the face, as well as sunken cheeks and thinning lips.

While there are many surgical methods to correct these unwanted changes,

fat transplantation or fat transfer

fat transplantation or fat transfer

These operations are usually expensive and can have serious complications and long hospital stays.

And while today there is a wide range of skin filling gels,

Fat injection, also known as lipofiling

A great way to use your own natural fat as an effective skin filler that does not involve any allergic risk or adverse reaction to a foreign substance.

The purpose of the fat injection is to restore this lost volume to areas of the face, including the lower jaw, the chin area of ​​the neck, highlighting the lips, cheeks, as well as around the nose and the tear line and upper eyelid.

Injection of fat into the body and face
Injection of fat into the body and face

Fat injection methods:
Fat injections can be used in conjunction with liposuction or abdominal slimming.

Extracted fat can fill your skin well in terms of safety and naturalness, and smoothes out skin with unwanted lines and wrinkles.

Because fat is used as a substitute for filler gels,

The filler does the same thing, but the effects stay on the skin for a longer time.

While other types of fillers are eventually absorbed by the body and their volumetric function remains in the skin only for a limited time,

Fat injections can have long-term or even permanent results.

A skilled surgeon can use this method to fill in all the parts of the skin that have lost their volume, and the end result is better than other fillers.

And provide natural volume to have a beautiful and attractive appearance for you.


A standard fat transplant surgery usually consists of the following 3 steps:

Fat removal
To start this surgery, fat is the first thing you need! Liposuction is usually used to remove the required fat, to remove excess fat from areas such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Note: Fat, which is mainly composed of fiber, is usually not used for this surgery. (Like a man’s chest!)
To remove fat, a solution containing lidocaine and epinephrine is used to reduce bleeding pain and ease the fat removal process.
Important Note: Laser liposuction procedures, such as SmartLipo, should not be used.

Because this radiation and heat cause fat cells to be destroyed.

Separation and cleansing of fat cells

As soon as the required amount of fat is collected from the target area, the damaged cells should be separated from the healthy cells.

It is then separated from the pure fat cells using a golden liquid centrifuge to prepare the fat needed for injection.

Re-inject fat

The final step to complete this cosmetic procedure is to inject the prepared fat into the desired area.

Depending on the volume lost and the shape of the area, FBA injections are performed in different ways.

How long does a fat injection last?
As we have mentioned, the durability of this cosmetic procedure varies depending on different people.

The injected fat usually stays in place for 2 to 12 months.

But do not forget that the substance that is injected to rejuvenate every part of your body is your own body fat!

So depending on your metabolism, the shelf life of fat injections varies! Especially if you do heavy exercise after the injection!