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Brow bone reduction

5 July 2020 Articles
Brow bone reduction The forehead is one of the more apparent gender markers. Brow bone reduction (also known as forehead ...
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Earlobe reduction

30 June 2020 Articles
Earlobe reduction If the earlobe is too big and saggy, an incision can be made in its lower edge and ...
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Paranasal Medpor implants

28 June 2020 Articles
What are paranasal Medpor implants? Paranasal Medpor implants are made of porous polyethylene. This a non-absorbable material which means the ...
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Facial Feminization Surgery

27 June 2020 Articles
Facial Feminization Surgery Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a combination of surgical procedures aimed at reducing what we call ‘masculine ...
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Common plastic surgeries for men

7 June 2020 Articles
Common plastic surgery for men In this article we will discuss around  most common cosmetic and plastic surgeries for men ...
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Diet after rhinoplasty,What should i eat after nose job

30 May 2020 Articles
Diet after rhinoplasty, nose job Your body is amazing. It has extraordinary self-healing properties that you can activate by simply ...
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