Pregnancy before and after rhinoplasty

10 June 2021 Articles
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Pregnancy before and after rhinoplasty

During pregnancy, most women learn to avoid soft cheeses, hair dye, and sleeping on their stomach, to name a few. What might seem a little less clear is the issue of cosmetic surgery, specifically rhinoplasty. After all, having a procedure on your nose has nothing to do with your growing belly, right? Wrong! As an expectant mother, you might find that rhinoplasty has more to do with your condition than you think. Read on to learn about the effects pregnancy can have on rhinoplasty and vice versa; you may be surprised

Rhinoplasty While Pregnant

Sometimes, the timing just doesn’t work out. For women who have scheduled a rhinoplasty surgery and discovered they were pregnant before their surgery date arrived, the timing can indeed be very frustrating. Any elective surgeries are off-limits during pregnancy, including rhinoplasty. Although work done to the nose has nothing to do with your womb, the sedation and medication you’ll be exposed to could be harmful to the growing fetus. It’s too dangerous to risk your baby’s health for an elective procedure that can be put off until later.


Pregnancy before and after rhinoplasty

Pregnancy before and after rhinoplasty


If you find yourself having difficulty breathing, due to a deviated septum or narrow airways, rhinoplasty suddenly becomes more than just a voluntary procedure. When your own health and well-being is threatened by an inability to get enough oxygen, a rhinoplasty may be needed even if you are pregnant. Of course, the chances of this happening are incredibly slight; you’ll need to be evaluated by your doctors to weigh risks and benefits.

Pregnancy After a Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty surgery is not a one-day affair; rather it is a gradual process of planning, preparing, and healing. For many women, knowing when it is safe to move beyond rhinoplasty recovery and try for a new baby is important. Young women in the middle of their lives might have a lot of questions about when it is safe to become pregnant again.

Most surgeons would agree that there is no reason to hold off on pregnancy once your healing process is underway. With the nasal structure settling into place, you are free to concentrate on the important matters in your life again. There is no medical reason holding you back once your healing is complete. For a more detailed post-operative strategy, discuss any of your concerns with a facial plastic surgeon during your rhinoplasty consultation. It’s the best way to get advice that is specific to your situation.

Rhinoplasty Results During Pregnancy

The body undergoes many significant changes during pregnancy, including swelling of the nose and even a thickening of the nasal walls. Some women experience increased mucus production and congestion in the nasal passages and sinus cavities. All of these changes can cause problems for the nose.

The good news is that your rhinoplasty results are designed to hold up successfully during and after pregnancy. Although it is quite common for the nose to look swollen or puffy and the inside to begin swelling, these symptoms are all normal side effects that will resolve themselves after pregnancy. If you begin to experience trouble breathing from the swelling, always seek medical care as soon as possible.

Learn More About Timing Your Rhinoplasty

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